Mark Gray

Mark GrayDates: 1 February 2018

Mark has been tattooing over 10 years and specialises in fine-line, realistic black and grey. In some of his more detailed pieces he uses a single needle which ensures his work is highly detailed.

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Instagram: @markgraytattoos


James Surridge

James SurridgeDates: 9-10 March 2018

James Surridge is a multi-award winning black and grey portrait tattoo artist based at True Colours Tattoo Studio in Preston, Lancashire, and Blue Cardinal Tattoo Studio in Rochdale, and we are super excited to have him return to Folklore Tattoo Studio later this year.

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Instagram: @jamestattooink


Laura Weller

Laura WellerDates: 5-7 July 2018

Laura has been tattooing since 2013, specialising in black work.  Her award-winning work mainly features geometric animals and flowers with dot work-style mandalas.

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Instagram: @wellertattoos