Laser Tattoo Removal

No Regrets Laser Tattoo Removal

If you want a tattoo removed, or you need to make room for more, you can book in with our affiliated laser treatment service.

No Regrets offers a reliable, affordable and efficient service from our modern and professional studios on an appointment-only basis.

Comprehensive consultations and patch tests are carried out free of charge before any treatment to make sure you are ready and suitable for laser treatment.

Appointments for treatment with No Regrets are priced at £40 per session.

No Regrets Testimonials

"After the initial consultation with Jenny and just one session on an old colour tattoo the results were amazing. Just had a cover up done and booked more sessions so that I can get other old ink covered. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of having this done."

"Jenny was extremely understanding about this and instantly put me at ease by reassuring me that she could help. Throughout sessions Jenny maintains a high quality of professionalism whilst ensuring I am comfortable. I have been receiving treatment from Jenny for several months and expect to for many more to come. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering tattoo removal as professionally she is flexible, reliable and her rates are very reasonable."