There is a whole heap of questions we get asked regularly, from those nervous about their first tattoo to people just wondering where the best place to park is nearby.  We've tried to answer the most commonly asked questions below, but if there's anything we've missed then do please get in touch!

Where's the best place to park?

Free parking is limited around Tamworth.  You can take your chances on the side streets but we recommend the cheapest pay and display car parks that are a short walking distance from the studio along Ladybridge (a straight route), both of which cost about £1.50 per day:

Jolly Sailor car park
Fazeley Road
B78 3JJ

River Drive car park
River Drive
B79 7ND

I'm nervous - can I bring a friend for support?

Yes you may bring one friend with you for support and they can be seated in the reception area.  As space in the studio is limited, we do request you bring no more than one friend with you.  In addition, due to the nature of our business, we request children do not accompany you to your appointment.

How do I look after my tattoo while it heals?

Please refer to our dedicated page on Tattoo Aftercare for full instructions.

How long does a tattoo normally take to heal?

The healing of a tattoo will vary depending on the individual but on average, provided all aftercare instructions are followed correctly, the surface of the tattoo will have flaked off and healed in 10-14 days and the surface of the skin will be fully healed (shiny surface gone) in four weeks.

How long should I expect my tattoo to take, and will it take more than one sitting?  Is there an optimal gap between sittings?

The duration of your tattoo appointment(s) will vary depending on scale, placement and complexity.  Your tattoo artist will estimate this in order for you to book an appointment and advise as to what to expect.  We recommend a minimum of two or three weeks between sittings.

Will my tattoo fade?

Yes - all tattoos will fade with exposure to UV rays and age.  This is a natural occurrence, but you can help prevent this by regularly moisturising, limiting your tattoo's exposure to sunlight and using a high factor sun cream.  Also, exposure to sun beds will greatly reduce the life of your tattoo so we recommend against it.

Will it hurt?

The process of tattooing always hurts!  Some areas can be more painful than others and if necessary some of our clients may feel the need to bring painkillers but this is based on the individual.

What should I wear?

Wear suitable clothing that will not obstruct the area being tattooed, e.g. for arm placements wear a vest and for leg placements wear shorts. Please do not come to your appointment in your best attire - while we make every attempt to avoid it, tattooing can often be a messy business so be mindful of this - we suggest you wear darker colours or old clothing you won't mind potentially being damaged with ink!

When should I not get tattooed?

We will refuse to tattoo a client when they are pregnant, breastfeeding, on blood thinning medication such as Warfarin or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.   We also recommend that if you are ill, e.g. common cold or on antibiotics, it is not advisable for you to get tattooed as it can effect healing times and potentially cause complications which may lead to infection after you have been tattooed.

Any other advice?

Getting a tattoo can be both mentally and physical taxing so we advise all clients to be mindful of this.  Ensure you have eaten a good meal at least an hour before your appointment and bring either a sugary drink or sweets with you to prevent feeling dizzy or fainting (we will provide tea/coffee!).

Also for clients having full-day sittings the above applies and we do take regular breaks. We also recommend that you possibly bring a chaperone with you to accompany or even drive you on the return journey home as you may feel too fatigued to drive.  Due to your tattoo's placement, it may even be too uncomfortable for you to drive.